October 22, 2018
Wild West
October 22, 2018

Blending In

Despite the advantages of city living, the fast pace sometimes leaves many of us wishing for a quieter, more serene living environment. A home in a park-like setting, a short distance from the hum of the city, would be an ideal scenario.

For the owners of this residence, an opportunity to build at the foot of the Red Rock Mountains, only 20 minutes from the city, was such a setting. However, the site had certain restrictions. Only a single level dwelling could be built, and the design had to pass the test of the Design Review Board, says Quinn Boesenecker, president of Pinnacle Architectural Studios.

“The client had a floor plan thought out, and key requests such as large patio overhangs and a rooftop patio. To pass the Design Review Board test, the house design also had to blend with the surroundings,” he says.

Working closely with the both the clients and designer, Jacqueline Thornton, Pinnacle Architectural Studio created this distinctive design that merges unobtrusively with the landscape.