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October 22, 2012
October 19, 2018

Quinn Bosenecker & Ping To

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When clients meet with Quinn Bosenecker and Ping To for the first time, there are three things that are undeniable: their infectious enthusiasm, their grounded, hands-on approach and their high profile success at a time when most architects their age may just be finding their niche in the craft. With all these serendipitous factors at work for the past five years, the talented principals at Pinnacle Architectural Studio have been able to envision amazing, spot on build projects for their eager clients, but more than that, they have been able to deliver them—consistently and with glowing acclaim.

Founded by Quinn and Ping in 2001, Pinnacle was formed when the duo, who previously worked together at a local firm, recognized that their unique strengths could benefit and complement one another in this unique Las Vegas environment. Quinn, a Las Vegas native, excels in the planning stage of the process while Ping, a Hong Kong native, is unsurpassed at exterior elevations.

In the beginning, Quinn admits their “under 40” status forced them to prove themselves a bit more, but ultimately, that push to exceed expectations had an advantageous effect and it continues today. In just five short years, their bold leap has become such a success that even Quinn admits giddy delight, but also reflects that when a person loves what he does, and does it well, success follows suit. Case in point, when most business owners call it a day by 6pm, Quinn can often be found “extending” his workday until 2am poring over a sketch pad. “It’s my passion and my life,” he explains.

The firm is comprised of 12 people including five licensed design professionals. The firm handles about 40 to 50 projects a year, heavily residential with a handful of commercial projects as well. Quinn, Ping and the team meet personally with each client designing and working closely with them throughout the project. Each house they design must be a reflection of each of their clients’ unique desires, necessities and lives. Quinn will be the first to tell you “since all of our clients are unique as is each job, Pinnacle always starts each job with a clean sheet of paper. This way, each project starts from scratch and will not pick up design elements of a previous project.” From the first rough sketch until the first step through the door of that now tangible vision, Pinnacle never considers a job complete until their clients do. The team is genuinely committed to the customer service of each project, never passing it off from team member to team member. Because this is the biggest purchase most of their clients will make in their lifetime, the principals make themselves available to meet in person or by cell at any hour and work around their clients’ hectic schedules.

In a city that has made it to the top of the list of fastest growing cities in the United States since the early 1990s, opportunity is vast and competition is fierce. Never ones to rest atop of their success, a move which often lands many architects in a design rut, Quinn and Ping work hard to constantly keep abreast of the latest design trends to stay fresh and on the cutting edge. While Las Vegas in general has been known to lean toward a handful of definite styles, Pinnacle is breaking that mold by designing a wide range of styles within all scale ranges. While they tend to appreciate the clean lines of contemporary design and the principles of Frank Lloyd Wright, Pinnacle ultimately looks to its discriminating clientele for its founding cues. Celebrities, businessmen and sports stars alike have called on the talents of the firm to help bring their dream to fruition. The firm’s spectacular designs can be found in the most prestigious Las Vegas communities, including; The Ridges, Southern Highlands, Queensridge, MacDonald Highlands, Lake Las Vegas and more.

Pinnacle has certainly lived up to its name and counts itself among Las Vegas’ most influential architectural firms. While constantly abuzz with electricity and excitement, the city of Las Vegas infuses that passionate lifestyle in all of its residents--including the team of Pinnacle. Quinn and Ping offer their clients a well-designed haven where they can rejuvenate and appreciate their beautiful surroundings every day. They always strive to continue to be a positive influence over this ever changing architectural canvas they call Las Vegas. “Because when you set the bar high, everybody will step up.”