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The Property Brothers
October 22, 2018
Quinn Bosenecker, Principal Architect of Pinnacle Architecture Studio
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August 13, 2020

Interview with Quinn Boesenecker

quinn boesenecker and ivan sher

In this interview, Principal Architect of Pinnacle Architecture, Quinn Boesenecker speaks to Ivan Sher, owner of the Iven Sher Group about Las Vegas design trends, the luxury market, and more.

What are you currently seeing in the market in architectural design?

What I’ve definitely noticed and what I’m sure you’ve noticed being in Vegas as long as I have is that the trend was always towards the Tuscan/Mediterranean and that has completely changed. Contemporary is the way to go and we are starting to see clients that are really looking for products that they don’t see out there now. So, they’re actually challenging us in return. They’re saying “Listen, I see this contemporary house and I see this other house. Give me something different. So it’s really a great challenge, because we like to actually tell the clients “Listen, if you tell us to put a pink elephant in the corner we will do it, but we will also tell you why we wouldn’t do it.” We don’t tell them just because we said so, we tell them the why’s.

You’re going to get people with different visions. How do you handle that?

We have a great program. What we do is that we connect people with different websites, photographs, how to find photographs, so we are speaking the same language. So, they may say that they want “modern and contemporary” but not really know the difference. But when we meet a client and look at a photo, we know we are looking contemporary or modern, so we start to speak the same language. What I always ask the clients is that they come to me when they’re picking the lot so I can help them. We are really fantastic in setting up the houses so not only is it a great house, but it also great for anybody else who is walking in so you have everything that you want. Give us a list and send us photos that you want. We will put everything together for you. If they already knew what they want, then they could draw it themselves.

You do stuff out of Vegas too! Out of State and even out of the country! How does that happen?

Out of state and same as out of the country, they find us in magazines, books, websites i.e.: Pinterest, Houzz. They’ll look at custom sites that they like for example Ascaya and see from their websites our product and ask who designed this project. We will get calls from anywhere from Atlanta to Florida to Cabo to Saudi Arabia. We did a 50,000 sq. foot house in Saudi Arabia, which is interesting because it’s not a tourist destination. Fortunately, I was invited to the country and was able to stay a few weeks.

You gotta be passionate about what you do, right? What is it that gets you up in the morning?

The greatest thing is that you get to create their dream house for them. Trying to sound modest, I think I’m really good at that. I listen well and work with clients through their project as I see it and why I see it this way. City views approaching the house, how they are going to gather, how they are going to live, etc. So, it really helps me get to know the clients. Most of my clients, almost all of them, are great friends now. It just happens because you guys just get so close. I personally meet with clients throughout the entire journey. I couldn’t do it without this team.

Do you ever learn anything from your clients?

Absolutely, so we have clients who will actually come to us with ideas. He’s my motto. I have a few of them that you’ll see on websites and you’ll see it pop up in books and whatnot. “Every job starts with a clean sheet of paper.” Meaning nothing ever gets reused. I don’t care who comes up with the best idea, as long as it’s the best idea. What happens is that the client comes to me and says, “I found this great bar” and we look at it, make it better and personalize it to what the client wants. So we definitely get a lot of feedback from the clients. We get feedback from people in the team, office, the builders, and the field. It can come from anywhere. I don’t care where the best idea comes from. It doesn’t have to come from me. As long as it’s the best idea. That’s all I care about.

You got to have a niche. What is that market and why?

100%. When we meet with the clients, we pretty much figure out what neighborhood they’re in, what neighborhood they’re looking in, what price range they’re in, and some just aren’t made for us. There are some houses that people just want and there’s nothing wrong with this. They might just want a large track home and we just don’t do that. We generally only build what we call “large floor”: Ascaya, MacDonald Highlands, Summerlin in The Ridges, Seven Hills, Lake Las Vegas. They’re usually the higher end homes. When people come to us and if we are not the firm for them; they might already come in with drawn plans and whatnot, we will refer them to the firm that is for them so no matter what they’ll be thinking “Hey these guys took care of us.” They’ll be thinking about us in the future.