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October 22, 2018
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July 13, 2019

The Property Brothers

The Property Brothers

Pinnacle Architectural Studio had the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed Property Brothers. The beloved brothers just launched their Dream Homes in Las Vegas and chose Pinnacle Architectural Studio to partner with in order to bring luxury custom homes to the Las Vegas valley.

Below is an excerpt from the Las Vegas Review Journal

After producing hundreds of shows about helping average Americans get into their dream home through a fixer-upper, the identical twin brothers wanted to get back to their roots, Jonathan Scott explained in a recent interview with Real Estate Millions.

“Whether you have an audience who can barely afford a renovation on just one bathroom, or (clients) who are CEOs of companies or athletes looking for an incredible dream home, everyone has their own impression of what a dream home is. Initially, a lot of the renovations we did were commercial or big homes and we thought it would be nice to get back into that realm. Where you can take all the barriers out and just do something that’s going to really blow you away.”

Dream Home will allow clients with the means to create a one-of-a-kind home in Southern Nevada.

“You’re going to have people talking about the architecture. So every single concept that we do for Dream Homes by Scott Living is unique. There will never be two of the same home anywhere. As soon as somebody purchases that design, it’s done.” “It’s really a balance of personal preference,” Jonathan Scott said. “When someone’s buying one of our designs, they have the ability to choose the materials that they want. We’ll make the recommendation as to what we think would look best, what has the most longevity. We’re trying to find ways to blend materials that are timeless. Architecturally we want to do things looking beyond materials alone. The architecture of the home is going to have lasting value,” he said.

The Property Brothers on working with local firm Pinnacle Architectural Studio and working with its president Quinn Boesenecker:

“Quinn’s been fantastic, said Drew Scott. “We can literally bring him a sketch of something … and he’ll start morphing it into something. Initially, it’s very collaborative, very much a partnership. With our builder as well.”

Boesenecker explained the process. “We’re an architecture firm. They’re not. So what we do is a layout and we bring it to them for their approval, for their feedback. They have certain concepts they’d like to see, certain things they’d like to see, so we do the design, bring it to them and they give us feedback and we work from that. So we’re really working together closely on this.”

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